Contact Student Finance

To learn more about getting financial support while pursuing your university degree, contact Student Finance England by calling 0300 100 0607 on the phone. If you require assistance because you’re a little hard of hearing, then dial 0300 100 0622 on your textphone.

Pursuing a college degree is a very resource-hungry endeavour that will either bring about joy in victory or despair in failure. When you enrol in a university, there are so many things that you need to take care of. These include first and foremost, the school’s tuition. After the tuition, you then have to take care of your halls of residence or if you wish, you could also rent out a flat outside of campus. Now that the basics are taken care of, you then have to buy your books, notebooks and other school supplies.

You also probably need to have a computer. All of these add to your expenses while you’re in school – not to mention, that you most likely won’t have enough spare time to earn money for yourself, so you will have to rely on your savings or on someone else. That’s why most undergraduates and postgraduates need Student Finance.

Telephone Numbers for Student Finance

If you’re in England and would like to get financial support from the UK government, then just call the office up on 0300 100 0607 on the phone and on 0300 100 0622 on the Minicom. If you prefer other forms of communication like correspondence in Braille, then call 0141 243 3686.

If you’re living in Wales, then call 0300 200 4050 by phone or 0300 100 1693 via Minicom.

If you’re in Scotland, then call 0300 555 0505.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, call them on 0300 100 0077 by phone or on via Minicom.

Social Media for Student Finance in the UK

You can tweet @SF_England if you’re in England.

For enquiries for Student Finance in Wales, tweet @SF_Wales.

You can also tweet @saastweet if you’re interested in Scottish Student Finance.