Contact On the Beach

If you have just booked with On the Beach and are experiencing problems with your bookings, then contact their customer service phone line on 0871 474 3000 (13p per minute plus operator access charge).

When you book a holiday with a third party agency, you know that there are fees on top of the prices of hotels, resorts or airline companies. It’s a trade off that you’re willing to take in exchange for the convenience of booking easily through their system. What is unacceptable however are admin fees that are quite exorbitant and are in fact a little bit hidden.

This is what some on TravelAdvisor recount when they talk about On the Beach. In fact most reviews on TravelAdvisor for On the Beach are pretty negative with many exclaiming that they will no longer use On the Beach for another trip. These reviewers claim to have used the services of On the Beach and have had terrible experiences with them. A common complaint is double booking on hotels, another is the hidden charges.

Telephone Number for On the Beach Customer Service

If you’re one of these customers that are less than happy with the travel booking services of On The Beach, then you can call them up on this number 0871 474 3000 (13p per minute plus operator access charge).

Tweet and Facebook On the Beach

If you prefer to use Twitter, then tweet them @OntheBeachUK for your booking enquiries. This method does however have a natural limit seeing as you’re only allowed to use 140 characters each tweet.

You can also comment on the On the Beach Facebook page at: