Contact First Utility

To enquire about your energy bill, metering or other power matter with First Utility, call 01926 320 700 – you can also contact this number to complain to customer services or offer feedback.

Electricity has become an essential utility that operates the majority of the appliances, gadgets and machinery that we are currently using in our work, at school and at home. Because electricity is so in-demand now, electricity suppliers feel that they are able to ask whatever amount they deem is the right amount. Most of the time, however, these rates are usually overpriced. This is what First Utility is trying to make the UK public understand. By switching to First Utility, you are assured that you will pay less instead of more.

Telephone Numbers for First Utility

You can reach the customer help line of First Utility just by dialling 01926 320 700. This is the information and customer service line that's dedicated to answering customer queries.

Live Chat with First Utility

If you prefer to correspond with them by live chat, then just visit their chat box available at

Email First Utility

If you prefer not talking with First Utility on the phone, as well as not interacting with them via live chat, then you can use the contact form that they provide anyone who has questions for them. The online contact form is found at us/service/how-we-handle-complaints. Just scroll down a bit to see the email form below.

Social Media Contacts for First Utility

If you would rather communicate with them via their social media accounts, then you can do so through three different means.

On Twitter, just direct your enquiries @FirstUtility to reach their advisers.

On Facebook, just connect with them at

On YouTube, you can watch their clever commercials and other videos that present the benefits of choosing First Utility over any of the Big 6 companies. Their YouTube channel is available at YouTube channel at: