Contact EON Energy

If you are an EON Energy customer and you have a credit meter in your home, then the phone number to contact when you need some customer service or if you have some enquiries is 0345 303 3020.

If you’re an EON customer and you would like to speak to one of the ‘Big 6’ directly on the phone or on social media, then just choose any of the following communication channels that they have established for the benefit of their customers.

EON Phone Numbers

If you want to get some customer service from EON, then you can dial 0345 303 3040 if you have a prepayment meter. You can also call them up on this number to get assistance with moving.

If you have enquiries about your credit meter or if you want to get some customer service, then dial 0345 303 3020.

Those who have a Smart Meter for their homes can call EON up on 0345 366 5976 for customer support.

If you have migrated from a different supplier, then the customer care line to call is 0345 302 3473 if you have a prepayment meter.

If you have migrated from a different supplier and your meter is a credit meter, then dial 0333 202 4610 if you need some assistance.

If you want to let them know of any complaint that you may have with EON, then contact 0333 202 4606.

If there are things in your meter reading, bill or even payments that you’re not sure about or if you want to check something about your bills and payments, then call them on 0345 059 9905.

For those who wish to get correspondence in braille, just dial 0333 202 4674 to send in a formal request.

Those who have impaired hearing can dial 0800 056 6560 on their Minicoms to reach the EON customer services.

If you’re not in the UK but you still need to contact them for something, then call +44 115 843 4373.

Those who are representatives of businesses can dial 0333 202 4586 for enquiries.

Social Media with EON

EON is easily available on Twitter. You just need to tweet @EONhelp to reach the customer service team.

If you prefer Facebook, then connect with EON at