Customer Service Contact Numbers

TV Licence: 0300 790 6144

To contact the TV Licence office that’s responsible for collecting payment and issuance of the TV licences in the UK, you can dial their general enquiries phone line on 0300 790 6144.

EON Energy: 0345 303 3020

If you are an EON Energy customer and you have a credit meter in your home, then the phone number to contact when you need some customer service or if you have enquiries is 0345 303 3020. This is the best contact number for EON customer services.

First Utility: 01926 320 700

First Utility’s helpline offers all manner of customer service – just call 01926 320 700 whether it be your energy bill, a problem with your electricity meter, or a bigger issue with your power supply, you can call their excellent customer service on the contact number noted here.

MyHermes: 0844 644 3593

MyHermes customer service phone number 0844 644 3593 helps those with a delivery pending through the courier’s system find and trace a parcel’s progress – their contact number has capable parcel tracking advisors present.

Groupon: 020 3510 0444

To take up the offers native to Groupon, just call 020 3510 0444 – the advisors on this phone number can reference current and upcoming coupons and deals to the customer’s benefit.

On the Beach: 0871 474 3000

If you have booked a flight, a hotel, or other travel with On the Beach, 0871 474 3000 is the number to call for customer service – we’ve got these and more On the Beach contact details for travellers to use so their holiday or business trip proceeds smoothly.

Student Finance: 0300 100 0607

Whether you just secured a place at university or are already there, phoning Student Finance on 0300 100 0607 is a good idea – advisors on this telephone number can sort out your loans and lending arrangements promptly.

Aviva: 01603 622 200

Contact Aviva Insurance by dialling their general enquiries telephone number 01603 622 200 to get a quote for car insurance, for home policy renewals and to make a claim in the event of emergencies.